Help with Andropausal Symptoms

 DHEA (dehyroepiandrosterone) is a natural hormone produced by the adrenal glands in both men and women that declines as we age.

In an attempt to find the cause of impotence among the men in their study, the Massachusetts Male Aging Study checked the levels of various hormones in all men to see if there was any difference in impotent men. Impotent men would have lower levels of the primary male sex hormone, testosterone, but that was not the case. In fact, of the seventeen hormones measured, only one was noticeably lower in impotent men, and that hormone was DHEA. In fact, as level of DHEA declined, the rate of impotency increased. By age forty, we have half the amount of DHEA that we did at age twenty. Why would low levels of DHEA contribute to impotence? There are several possible answers. DHEA is converted into testosterone in the body, and testosterone controls libido in both men and women. It is possible that DHEA may have a sex-enhancing effect that helps men to maintain an erection. In addition, earlier studies have linked low levels of DHEA in men to an increased risk of heart disease. Having heart disease greatly increases the likelihood that a man may develop impotence.

Melatonin Natural anti-aging hormone, has been found to be a safe and effective sleep aid with no known side effects.  Many age-related ailments such as hypertension and heart disease may be do at least in part to declining levels of melatonin, and studies show that people with low melatonin levels may be at a higher risk for certain types of cancer.    

Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs

Vitamin E – This vitamin not only improves circulation throughout the body, but it is a powerful antioxidant that can lower blood cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis. Every man should take vitamin E either by itself or as part of an antioxidant complex. (If you are taking a blood thinner, check with your doctor before taking vitamin E.

   Beta carotene (provitamin A) is converted into vitamin A, as the body needs it. Vitamin A provides the raw material from which sex hormones are produced, and it is essential that we maintain high levels of vitamin A in our body.

Zinc – This material is essential for the production of testosterone; low levels in men have been associated with infertility. (Zinc also helps to keep the prostate healthy).

Calcium is instrumental in muscle contraction, blood clotting, and maintenance of cell membranes, and plays a critical role in the normal functioning of the heart.  Magnesium - this mineral helps to produce two chemicals in the brain critical for sexual arousal: dopamine and acetylcholine.

  Ginkgo biloba – Ginkgo is the herb for good circulation.

  Yohimbe – The herb yohimbe is a much weaker version of the prescription drug yohimbine, which is often prescribed for impotence. The stronger yohimbine has been proven to be effective in many men, but it can have some serious side effects.

T. J. Clark Life Source Liquid Male Potency Formula™

Yet another advancement from the scientists and researchers at T. J. Clark & CompanyT. J. Clark Liquid Male Potency Formula contains L-arginine, L-Phenylalanine, Gingko Biloba Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Chromium Picolinate, Iron, Dimethyglycine (DMG), and a catalyst of our exclusive blend of major minerals and essential trace elements. The formula also contains Gingko Biloba, and other ingredients which help improve circulation and overall vitality.

Depression may occur more than other symptoms; this seems to be the one which occurs again and again. Depression is a bad experience at any time in life. But when a man in mid- life succumbs to its black grip, he is in an unhappy situation, for he is deprived of the motivation he needs to change his situation. The danger seems to be that this depression is regarded as a "conventional" emotional problem, a reactive depression, a response to life events, when in fact it may be the direct result of changing brain biochemistry do primarily to a decrease in testosterone levels.

DHEA – This hormone, which is produced in the adrenal glands, brain and skin, is a natural mood enhancer that may help to prevent mild depression. DHEA increases energy,  helps provide better sleep, helps to feel more relaxed, and promotes the ability to handle stress better.

St.John’s wort – this herb is an excellent antidepressant without any undesirable side effects.

  B - complex – B vitamins are nature’s antidote to stress, and since stress can lead to depression. Many of the symptoms of depression that are found in the elderly, such as confusion, memory loss, and apathy, are actually due to a deficiency in vitamin B12.  As many as 10 percent of all people over sixty may have low blood levels of this vitamin.

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Disclaimer: This information is intended as a guide only.   This information is offered to you with the understanding that it not be interpreted as medical or professional advice.  All medical information needs to be carefully reviewed with your health care provider.